The Rambling Gambler: 3/2/14 Picks

Welcome to the Rambling Gambler, the brainchild of an NBA-obsessed thrill seeker with no higher goal in life than to make money off of other men’s accomplishments — namely, the ones on the hardwood.

I’ve been wagering on the NBA and college hoops for enough time to know that I am good at it. And I am enthused to share my theories and strategies with fellow basketball junkies with one goal in mind — making money.

Today, I’m beginning a “gambling portfolio,” if you will, of $1,000. This is a hypothetical amount, but it will reflect wagers I am placing off the record. The Rambling Gambler is a way for me to keep my bets (wins and losses) on the record, so that over time, people will recognize the success of my strategies, and we can all make some serious cash.

So, in all its glory, I present the Rambling Gambler’s initial portfolio and picks for March 2, 2014.

Today promises blowouts. And plenty of them.

I’m calling the Warriors @ Raptors a stay-away since the Warriors have been terribly inconsistent recently while the Raptors are still playing for home court advantage in the first round of the East.

I’m also shying away from the Mavericks @ Spurs. While San Antonio is getting healthy (Kawhi Leonard recently reinstated), Dallas might be the league’s hottest team following the all-star break.

Aside from those two “I wouldn’t mess with these” games, today should be pretty straightforward. The other five matchups are pretty easy to call, but I like four of them as much as it’s possible to like the outcome of an event that hasn’t happened.

Action to take: Parlay the Thunder over the Bobcats (-500), Suns over the Hawks (-365), Bulls over Knicks (-280), and Pacers over the Jazz (-900)

Portfolio balance: $1,000

Total Bet:  $150 to win $195.79



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