3/3/14 NBA Picks

Tonight holds some compelling matchups. Here are the games I’m taking action on. 

1. Bulls (+125) over the Nets in Brooklyn

Here’s the deal. Kevin Garnett isn’t projected to play tonight, and the Nets are coming off of a long road trip. A road trip they overachieved on — but a long road trip nonetheless. The Bulls, on the other hand are possibly the NBA’s hottest squad, especially after their impressive road win against the Mavericks last week. Joakim Noah is coming off of his fifth career triple-double and a 16-assist performance, tying the franchise record for a center. The Bulls are rolling, and I don’t think the banged up Nets will be able to stop them, despite their impressive home record of late.

Wager: $50 to win $62.50


2. Bucks (even) over the visiting Jazz

I think any time what could be the league’s two worst teams get together, it’s a must-play situation for any NBA-obsessed gambler. It’s a total crapshoot. If you win, you lose, hurting your chances in the draft lottery. I’m taking the Bucks to be the lesser of two evils in this one, seeing how the Jazz are on the back end of a grueling road trip, including a pounding in Indianapolis last night.

Wager: $25 to win $25


3. Parlay: MIN (-250) over Den; MIA (-1400) over CHA; POR (-1200) over LAL

If you’ve been playing the NBA odds for more than a week, odds are you’ve been burned by what you assumed would be a “sure win.” I know I just wrote a column about never throwing the Heat into a parlay last-minute, but I feel strongly about this 3-teamer. The Wolves will have Rubio, Love, Pekovic and Martin combining forces again, and they are scrambling for their playoff lives. The other two games… it would take earthquakes.

Wager: $75 to win $46.87


2 thoughts on “3/3/14 NBA Picks

  1. Excellent blog. I do something similar at letsget60.com

    Your 3 team parlay. I wonder if it’s a better bet to just take the Wolves at -250. I know the payout will be less $30 instead of $46.87 but so is the risk. Granted the most risky play is the Wolves but this way you only have to sweat out one game versus three. Is the risk of some bench player getting hot for the Bobcats or the Lakers worth the extra $16.87?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the comment. You bring up an excellent point, Justin.

      In this case, you were totally right. The Blazers ended up losing even though the Wolves and Heat took care of business. So, I lost the entire parlay despite picking the game with the highest payoff correctly. I guess that’s why they call it gambling!

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