The Rambling Gambler Mission

Welcome to The Rambling Gambler. We’re glad you’re here.

The Rambling Gambler’s mission is simple. I place wagers (usually on the NBA), and I do it well. Much like a financial guru may broadcast his picks for the quarter so that others can benefit, I post my NBA gambling picks on a regular basis before games begin. This allows readers to place these wagers along with me if they so choose.

Even if you don’t gamble, I post occasional features and short NBA analysis pieces to inform and entertain Rambling Gambler Nation.

To hold my gambling theories accountable, I began with a hypothetical “gambling portfolio” consisting of $1,000. When I make my picks (usually daily), I specify how much I am gambling on those picks and I list the current odds. This allows readers to measure my success over an extended period of time.

Any pick I make has a lasting mark on my credibility. That’s what sets The Rambling Gambler apart.

Now, let’s go talk some NBA and make some money.


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