Rambling Gambler “Portfolio”

This portfolio began with this website — just $1,000 waiting to be wagered on NBA action. The purpose of this portfolio is to add accountability to any recommendation I make. Every time I post my picks for the night’s contests, I will post the odds and amount wagered on this page, so Rambling Gambler Nation can track my winnings over time. This accountability is what sets The Rambling Gambler apart.

Date                       # picks                     Amount  Wagered         Win/Loss $                         New Balance 3/3/14                   1 (4-teamer)                 $150                                 +$195.79                               $1,195.79

3/4/14                   3                                          $150                                 -$100.00                               $1,095.79

3/5/14                  4                                           $445                                 -$245.00                               $850.79                                       


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